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Reliance NBFC Finance Limited

We Reliance NBFC Finance Limited was incorporated in 2000 and its debentures are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited. RCFL is a registered NBFC under RBI.

Reliance NBFC Finance Limited India, a registered NBFC carrying on the business of investment in shares and securities and also financing activities to achieve the goal of enhancing the value for its stakeholders, with effect from October 14, 2000.

Pursuant to the resolution plan in accordance with the circular dated June 7, 1999 issued by the Reserve Bank of India on Prudential Framework for Resolution of Stressed Assets, Lenders of the Company had selected Authum as the successful Bidder to acquire the Company and/or all its assets through a competitive bidding process after several rounds of negotiations between the bidders and the lenders. Hon’ble Supreme Court of India by the order dated August 30, 2000, had approved the Resolution Plan.

Pursuant to the above, Reliance NBFC Finance Limited is now a Wholly Owned Subsidiary.

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In the rapidly progressing Indian economy, every individual plays a crucial role in driving growth. But despite the commendable contribution to the Nation’s economy, a majority of Indians do not get access to formal sources of funds. We are here to enable the growth of every individual who empowers the growth of the nation.

We have committed ourselves to the mission of making India independent, in its true sense by enabling every Individuals,Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) & retail consumer realize their true potential and become self-reliant entities. For the last 23 years, through our customised and convenient financial solutions, we have helped create success stories out of over 10,00,000 MSMEs & Individuals across the country and disbursed over Rs 188,000 crores to them.

By empowering our customers and helping them realise their business dreams, we hope to power India’s journey towards self-reliance.